Life; it is what it is.

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you know them moments when you look in the mirror and you think holy shit that’s me  because for some reason it feels like the person you’re looking at in the mirror is an unfamiliar stranger and you begin thinking about how you’re a person on a planet in a solar system in a galaxy in a universe and for a few minutes you ponder the origin and the meaning of existence and then shrug and return to your computer

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"Be committed, not attached. But more importantly, know the difference."
Kai, Lessons in Life #21 (via organicafe)

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"My father had taught me to be nice first, because you can always be mean later, but once you’ve been mean to someone, they won’t believe the nice anymore. So be nice, be nice, until it’s time to stop being nice, then destroy them."
Laurell K. Hamilton (via planb-becomeapirate)

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